1. PKS - Proper Kubernetes Cluster Creation and Handoff

    Fri 24 April 2020

    Note: This will be light on details. The exact commands to run, unfortunately, are an exercise left to the reader. This post is more of a tactical guideline to jog your memory. The author regrets the lack of detail.


    Creating your k8s clusters is just the first step. How …

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  2. Jenkins Pipelines and Docker - An Introduction

    Tue 11 June 2019


    We have Jenkins. We also have a need to build and deploy a typical application (in this case, a Java application). We need a way to go from "I just installed Jenkins" to "We have a Jenkins pipeline that can build and deploy our code".


    We will install …

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  3. Creating Small Local Offline Apt Repos

    Thu 17 January 2019


    We have an offline (i.e. airgapped) Ubuntu machine (or machines) and the need to install packages on them. We also are unable to stand up our own repo mirror (because reasons), so all we have is our single machine with limited disk space.


    Package up only the …

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  4. Another Certificate Request Post with SAN Action

    Wed 17 October 2018


    We need to make several Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) for our datacenter. Two, or two-thousand, it doesn't matter. We're putting together a one-liner that will solve it for us. Of course we're automating it.


    Create a text file containing your server short names. Say, servers.txt.

    es-data-01 …
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  5. Simple Bash Expansion

    Fri 05 October 2018

    In keeping with the fundamentals, here's a handy one-liner to save yourself a few extra commands.


    We want to delete a number of machines via Salt Cloud, but we want it in a one-liner because we hate typing the same thing over and over.

    $ salt-key
    Accepted Keys:
    esdata-02 …
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  6. Saltstack and VMWare - Deploying VMs from Templates

    Wed 19 September 2018

    It turns out that there are a lot of nuances when using Saltstack with VMWare. Let's walk through the requirements for successfully using Saltstack to deploy VMs on VMWare.


    To narrow the scope of this post, we'll assume the following is already taken care of.

    • The intended use is …
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