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  1. User Management in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

    Mon 28 June 2021


    User management is not part of Kubernetes. You have to tie Kubernetes to an external system. This gets.... complicated.


    For TKG, we can hook our Kubernetes clusters up to any OIDC provider. For this excercise, we'll use Okta. At a high level, here's what we'll do.

    • Create a …
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  2. GPU-Enabled Kubernetes Clusters with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

    Mon 24 May 2021

    Stated Goal

    We want easy GPU access for Kubernetes workloads in our TKG clusters. This is done by:

    • Installing GPU device drivers on our Kubernetes worker nodes
    • Installing the device plugins on our Kubernetes worker nodes
    • Applying the appropriate labels to our Kubernetes worker nodes so that GPU workloads can …
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  3. kapp-controller Getting Started

    Mon 22 February 2021


    As of today, there is no single answer to the question "How do I deploy my workload?". Helm Chart? A set of yaml files? Templated yaml files?

    And not just user-facing apps - how do I consistently deploy ingress controllers? K8s cluster user auth services? Diagnostics, metrics, and so forth …

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  4. Vsphere 7 with Kubernetes Quickstart - User Edition

    Tue 18 August 2020


    You got a Kubernetes! Your Vsphere team has given you access to a Vsphere Workload Management Namespace, which means you can start making clusters! But how, exactly? Assuming they didn't give you enough directions, how do you from 'access' to 'I have a Kubernetes workload!' ?


    At a high …

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  5. Troubleshooting Roblox Teleport Hijacking

    Mon 22 June 2020


    You may occasionally find that a game you made in Roblox has been hijacked and immediately teleports you to another game when you start. This is a total bummer as it takes away all the time you spent creating the game and can leave you feeling helpless.

    Bottom line …

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